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BACB Supervision


You are right for this remote supervision opportunity if you work in a setting that allows you to collect experience hours towards BACB certification and have the site's approval to be supervised by an outside source.  You must be currently enrolled in or have completed your BACB-approved coursework or Masters program.  For fully remote set-ups, you must receive consent for the videoing and recording of clients.  Candidates must also have access to a computer with internet access for live observations and meetings. 

Supervision is defined as the training, assessment, and oversight of an individual who is accruing experience hours to become certified (e.g., trainees) and/or individuals who are providing behavior-analytic services (e.g., RBTs and BCaBAs).  Remote supervision is further specified as the oversight of a trainer via electronic means.  This may include but is not limited to: live virtual meetings, observations of recorded skill implementation/sessions, live observations of working with clients, and review of assignments completed by trainees.


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Your practical experience is the key to your future success & I can't wait to help you!


Remote supervision is scheduled on an ongoing basis.  Trainees are accepted based on their and my availability. Our supervision meetings will take place at a minimum of 30 minutes per week and will meet the minimum percentage requirements set forth by the BACB's current standards.  I am so excited to get started with you!


Your investment for supervision will be $90/hour.  Following the current standards for supervised experience, 5% of your experience hours must be engaged in supervision.  For example: if you collect 20 hours of experience hours in one week, you will invest one hour into supervision ($90 for that week).  Following the current standards for concentrated supervised experience, 10% of your experience hours must be engaged in supervision.  Your investment will include face-to-face meetings and time spent with material you share with me for reviewing or editing.

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