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Investing in behavior coaching is an investment in your future.  While I bring the scientific and clinical background to our coaching sessions, you bring the desire and commitment to change.  That change takes time, which is why my packages start at a four-session investment.  I provide different offers so you are able to choose a program that best suits your needs. 

Each session consists of a video call up to 50-minutes.  You will receive session notes containing key points and homework assigned shared within 24 hours of the end of our call.  Between sessions you will receive check-in messages based on your goals and the need determined by your coaching objectives.

Your first step is the free informational session. During this call I will confirm that working together is appropriate for what you're hoping to achieve and that our schedules align.  After this first chat you will choose your next package from the below options.  Then we will book your first full session and let the coaching begin! 

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Coaching Investments

Choose Your Package

What to Expect

Our coaching relationship will start with identifying the reason you decided to take the step towards receiving coaching and we'll discuss what you’re hoping to achieve by working together.  We’ll not only identify specific goals that you want to master but also how you’d like your life to look differently from how it does today.  I look forward to getting to know you and helping you clarify the values by which you will lead your life. 


The aspect of behavior-based coaching that may differ from other coaching approaches is how effective it is!  By working with me you are going to achieve more effective, long-lasting results than with a traditional life coach.  You are going to learn strategies that you can apply to future challenges and learn to identify your own barriers to achievement.  

I specialize in behavior coaching with an emphasis on "The Come Back." Whether it was a mistake at work, in your personal life, or any other event you need help bouncing back from, I'm excited to coach you through it.  I enjoy working with clients to find their values that will ultimately guide goal development and achievement. I recognize that admitting a change is needed is the hardest and most important part of making a new future.  My coaching focuses on learning what motivates clients, identifying what barriers stand in their way of effective change, and developing realistic steps towards living the life they desire.

Behavior coaching aims to improve your life and give you tools and tips to utilize even after our coaching sessions end.  However, behavior coaching is not counseling or mental health treatment and should not be utilized as a replacement to therapy. 

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I'll be in touch soon!

Disclaimer: behavior coaching is not counseling and should not be sought out as a replacement for mental health therapeutic services.

Individual with diagnoses outside of developmental disabilities will not be accepted as clients.

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