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About Me + My Process


For twenty years I have worked in the field of behavior analysis. This amazing career has given me the opportunity and training to help shape many people's lives for the better through behavioral intervention.

I love to help people set goals, develop plans to achieve them, and share in their journey of progress.


The most exciting aspects of my career have been when a target is mastered or when a client achieves a long-term goal that opens up more doors for their future.

During my years practicing as a Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I discovered my favorite part of analyzing and changing behavior was talking with people about what they wanted and helping them figure out what to do next in order to get there.

You are here for solutions.  Here’s how I am going to help you get to them.

My Story

The Process

Behavior analysis is the study of behavior.

I take that science and apply it to my supervision & coaching.  Using the dimensions of applied behavior analysis I help you achieve your goals in a systematic way.

We begin by identifying the target for change and follow that with choosing a way to measure progress.


Next up is identifying obstacles that are hindering progress and determining why this goal hasn't been achieved yet. 


Lastly, we'll develop a plan to accomplish your chosen goals.

Throughout the process you'll be coached to use tools based in Acceptance and Commitment Training.

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Disclaimer: behavior coaching is not counseling and should not be sought out as a replacement for mental health therapeutic services.

Individual with diagnoses outside of developmental disabilities will not be accepted as clients.

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