Service Options

Behavior Reduction & Skill Acquisition

Whether your goal is decreasing inappropriate behaviors or building on your child's repertoire of desired behaviors, we can develop a plan for you.  KORA Analysis is also available for toilet training and food refusal programs.  Part of all programs is caregiver training so implementation occurs across all environments.

Early Intervention

Following a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, starting an early intervention program is highly recommended to provide benefits to your child growth and learning.  This service includes assessment of your child's current skill repertoire and the development of a program to give them new strengths.

Functional Behavior Assessment

Prior to increasing a desirable behavior or decreasing a problem behavior we determine the antecedents that evoke the behavior and the consequences that maintain it. We not only look at the "why" of the behavior but also what problem can we solve by changing it.

Therapeutic Consult

As providers with Virginia DMAS, we are available to collaborate via a consult model to deliver services to decrease challenging behavior, increase quality of life, training team members, and assist in implementing behavior intervention strategies.

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